Alberto Juantorena

Born: December 3, 1950

Alberto Juantorena is a Cuban former runner. He is the only athlete to win both the 400 and 800 m Olympic titles, which he achieved in 1976.

Alberto Korda

Born: September 14, 1928 Died: May 25, 2001

Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, better known as Alberto Korda or simply Korda, was a Cuban photographer, remembered for his famous image Guerrillero Heroico of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara.

Alberto Manguel

Born: 1948

Alberto Manguel OC FRSL is an Argentine-Canadian anthologist, translator, essayist, novelist, editor, and a former Director of the National Library of Argentina.

Alberto Moravia

Born: November 28, 1907 Died: September 26, 1990

Alberto Moravia was an Italian novelist and journalist. His novels explored matters of modern sexuality, social alienation and existentialism. Moravia is best known for his debut novel Gli indifferenti and for the anti-fascist novel Il...

Alberto Salazar

Born: August 7, 1958

Alberto Salazar is an American track coach, former world-class long-distance runner, and currently under sanctions for doping offenses involving athletes he was training. Born in Cuba, Salazar immigrated to the United States as a child with his...

Alberto Sordi

Born: June 15, 1920 Died: February 24, 2003

Alberto Sordi Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI was an Italian actor, voice actor, singer, composer, comedian, director and screenwriter.

Alberto Tomba

Born: December 19, 1966

Alberto Tomba is a former World Cup alpine ski racer from Italy. He was the dominant technical skier in the late 1980s and 1990s. At 6 ft tall and 90 kg, his powerful build was a contrast to the lighter, more traditional technical skiers who...

Albina Shagimuratova

Born: October 17, 1979

Albina Anvarovna Shagimuratova is a Russian coloratura soprano. 2019 her recording of the title role in Semiramide for Opera Rara won the international Opera Award and the International Classical Music Awards, followed by "Neala" in Donizettis "Il...

Albio Sires

Born: January 26, 1951

Albio B. Sires is a Cuban-American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for New Jersey's 8th congressional district, serving since 2006. The district, numbered as the 13th district from 2006 to 2013, includes most of northern and eastern...

Albion W. Small

Born: May 11, 1854 Died: February 12, 1926

Albion Woodbury Small founded the first independent Department of Sociology in the United States at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois in 1892. He was influential in the establishment of sociology as a valid field of academic study.

Albrecht Durer

Born: May 21, 1471 Died: April 6, 1528

Albrecht Dürer, sometimes spelt in English as Durer or Duerer, was a German painter, printmaker, and theorist of the German Renaissance. Born in Nuremberg, Dürer established his reputation and influence across Europe when he was in his twenties...

Albrecht Kossel

Born: September 16, 1853 Died: July 5, 1927

Ludwig Karl Martin Leonhard Albrecht Kossel was a German biochemist and pioneer in the study of genetics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1910 for his work in determining the chemical composition of nucleic acids, the...


Born: 621 BC Died: 560 BC

Alcaeus of Mytilene was a lyric poet from the Greek island of Lesbos who is credited with inventing the Alcaic stanza. He was included in the canonical list of nine lyric poets by the scholars of Hellenistic Alexandria. He was a contemporary and...

Alcee Hastings

Born: September 5, 1936

Alcee Lamar Hastings is the U.S. Representative for Florida's 20th congressional district. The district includes most of the majority-black precincts in and around Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.


Born: 735 AD Died: May 19, 804 AD

Alcuin of York – also called Ealhwine, Alhwin, or Alchoin – was an English scholar, clergyman, poet, and teacher from York, Northumbria. He was born around 735 and became the student of Archbishop Ecgbert at York.

Alden Ehrenreich

Born: November 22, 1989

Alden Caleb Ehrenreich is an American actor. He began his career by appearing in Francis Ford Coppola's films Tetro and Twixt. Following supporting roles in the 2013 films Blue Jasmine and Stoker, he starred in the Coen brothers comedy Hail,...

Alden Nowlan

Born: January 25, 1933 Died: June 27, 1983

Alden Albert Nowlan was a Canadian poet, novelist, and playwright.

Aldis Hodge

Born: September 20, 1986

Aldis Alexander Basil Hodge is an American actor, best known for his portrayal of Alec Hardison on the TNT series Leverage, MC Ren in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton, Levi Jackson in the 2016 film Hidden Figures, and as Noah in the WGN...

Aldo Leopold

Born: January 11, 1887 Died: April 21, 1948

Aldo Leopold was an American author, philosopher, scientist, ecologist, forester, conservationist, and environmentalist. He was a professor at the University of Wisconsin and is best known for his book A Sand County Almanac, which has sold more...

Aldous Huxley

Born: July 26, 1894 Died: November 22, 1963

Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer and philosopher. He wrote nearly fifty books—both novels and non-fiction works—as well as wide-ranging essays, narratives, and poems. Born into the prominent Huxley family, he graduated from Balliol College, Oxford with an undergraduate degree in English literature.

Alec Baldwin

Born: April 3, 1958

Alexander Rae Baldwin III is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, and political activist. A member of the Baldwin family, he is the eldest of the four Baldwin brothers, all actors. Baldwin first gained recognition appearing on seasons...

Alec Berg

Alec Berg is an American comedy writer. He wrote for the sitcom Seinfeld and is co-creator and executive producer of Barry with Bill Hader. He also co-wrote the screenplays for the films The Cat in the Hat, EuroTrip and The Dictator.

Alec Guinness

Born: April 2, 1914 Died: August 5, 2000

Sir Alec Guinness, CH, CBE was an English actor. After an early career on the stage, Guinness was featured in several of the Ealing Comedies, including Kind Hearts and Coronets, in which he played nine ...

Alec Issigonis

Born: November 18, 1906 Died: October 2, 1988

Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis CBE FRS RDI was a British automotive designer, widely noted for the development of the groundbreaking Mini, launched by the British Motor Corporation in 1959, and voted the second most influential car of...

Alec Waugh

Born: July 8, 1898 Died: September 3, 1981

Alexander Raban Waugh was a British novelist, the elder brother of the better-known Evelyn Waugh and son of Arthur Waugh, author, literary critic, and publisher.

Aleister Crowley

Born: October 12, 1875 Died: December 1, 1947

Aleister Crowley was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. He founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus in the early...

Alejandra Pizarnik

Born: April 29, 1936 Died: September 25, 1972

Alejandra Pizarnik was an Argentine poet. As most of her career coincided with military regimes, her poetry carries a clandestine dimension.

Alejandro Amenabar

Born: March 31, 1972

Alejandro Fernando Amenábar Cantos is a Spanish-Chilean film director, screenwriter and composer. Among other honors, he has won nine Goyas and two European Film Awards and one Academy Award. He has written the screenplays to all six of his films...

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Born: August 15, 1963

Alejandro González Iñárritu is a Mexican film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is known for telling international stories about the human condition, and his projects have garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Born: February 17, 1929

Alejandro Jodorowsky Prullansky is a Chilean-French filmmaker and artist. Since 1948, Jodorowsky has worked as a novelist, screenwriter, a poet, a playwright, an essayist, a film and theater director ...

Alejo Carpentier

Born: December 26, 1904 Died: April 24, 1980

Alejo Carpentier y Valmont was a Cuban novelist, essayist, and musicologist who greatly influenced Latin American literature during its famous "boom" period. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, Carpentier grew up in Havana, Cuba, and despite his...

Alek Wek

Born: April 16, 1977

Alek Wek is a South Sudanese-British model and designer who began her fashion career at the age of 18 in 1995. She has been hailed for her influence on the perception of beauty in the fashion industry. She is from the Dinka ethnic group in South...

Aleksa Palladino

Born: September 21, 1980

Aleksa Palladino is an American actress and singer, perhaps best known for her lead roles in Manny & Lo, The Adventures of Sebastian Cole, Find Me Guilty, Boardwalk Empire, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.

Aleksandar Hemon

Born: September 9, 1964

Aleksandar Hemon is a Bosnian-American fiction writer, essayist, and critic. His best known novels are Nowhere Man and The Lazarus Project. He frequently publishes in The New Yorker, and has also written for Esquire, The Paris Review, the Op-Ed...

Aleksandar Mitrovic

Born: September 16, 1994

Aleksandar Mitrović is a Serbian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Fulham and the Serbia national team. A youth product at Partizan, he turned professional after a loan at Teleoptik, and was a regular as they...

Aleksander Kwasniewski

Born: November 15, 1954

Aleksander Kwaśniewski is a Polish politician and journalist. He served as the President of Poland from 1995 to 2005. He was born in Białogard, and during the communist rule, he was active in the Socialist Union of Polish Students and was the...

Aleksandr Kuprin

Born: September 7, 1870 Died: August 25, 1938

Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin was a Russian writer best known for his novels The Duel and The Pit, as well as Moloch, Olesya, "Junior Captain Rybnikov", "Emerald", and The Garnet Bracelet – the latter made into a 1965 movie.

Aleksandr Lebed

Born: April 20, 1950 Died: April 28, 2002

Lieutenant General Alexander Ivanovich Lebed was a Soviet and Russian military officer and politician who held senior positions in the Airborne Troops before running for president in the 1996 Russian presidential election.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Born: December 11, 1918 Died: August 3, 2008

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was a Russian novelist, philosopher, historian, short story writer and political prisoner. Solzhenitsyn was an outspoken critic of the Soviet Union and Communism and helped to raise global awareness of the Soviet...

Aleksey Igudesman

Born: July 22, 1973

Aleksey Mikhailovich Igudesman is a Russian-German violinist, composer, conductor, comedian and actor. He performs in the comedy-musical duo Igudesman & Joo.

Aleqa Hammond

Born: September 23, 1965

Aleqa Hammond is a Greenlandic politician and former member of the Danish Folketing. Formerly the leader of the Siumut party, she became Greenland's first female Prime Minister after her party emerged as the largest parliamentary faction in the...

Alesha Dixon

Born: October 7, 1978

Alesha Anjanette Dixon is an English singer, rapper, songwriter, dancer, author, model and television personality. Dixon rose to fame in 2001 as a member of the all-female R&B/garage/rap trio Mis-Teeq.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Born: April 11, 1981

Alessandra Corine Ambrosio is a Brazilian model and television personality. She is known for her work with Victoria's Secret and was chosen as the first spokesmodel for the company's PINK line.

Alessandra Mussolini

Born: December 30, 1962

Alessandra Mussolini is an Italian politician, the granddaughter of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, and a former actress and model who served as a Member of the European Parliament for Forza Italia.

Alessandra Torresani

Born: May 29, 1987

Alessandra Olivia Toreson, known professionally as Alessandra Torresani and prior to 2007, Alessandra Toreson, is an American actress. She is best known for playing Zoe Graystone in the science fiction television series Caprica and Claire in The...

Alessandro Del Piero

Born: November 9, 1974

Alessandro Del Piero Ufficiale OMRI is an Italian former professional footballer who mainly played as a deep-lying forward, although he was capable of playing in several offensive positions. Since 2015, he has worked as a pundit for Sky Sport...

Alessandro Juliani

Born: July 6, 1975

Alessandro Juliani is a Canadian actor and singer. He is notable for playing the roles of Tactical Officer Lieutenant Felix Gaeta on the Sci-Fi Channel television program Battlestar Galactica, Emil ...

Alessandro Michele

Born: 1972

Alessandro Michele is an Italian fashion designer. In January 2015, he was appointed creative director of Gucci, the Italian fashion luxury house where he had been working since 2002. He is responsible for all of Gucci's collections and global...

Alessandro Nivola

Born: June 28, 1972

Alessandro Antine Nivola is an American actor and producer. He has been nominated for many awards including a Tony Award, a Critics Choice Award, and an Independent Spirit Award and has won a Screen ...

Alessia Cara

Born: July 11, 1996

Alessia Caracciolo, known professionally as Alessia Cara, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. After producing acoustic covers, she signed with EP Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings in 2014 and released her debut single...